Big Cut Hair World Center

The big cut hair world center in mbk The big cut hair world center in mbk center departmentstore 4 floor money park zone with the famous big area more than 650 square metre and 89 of the cut off hair chair with the most hi-tech service in hi-speed internet for customer who waitting for friend or special person to response the up to date person in hi-tech age. The most exquisite room for hi-end customer Of big cut hair word center open on last 18 january 2007 under the concept of “absolute for the look of the future” for design hair style change the idea follow new trend in west and east world coorporate with creativity and experience of hair stylish professional with the atmosphere and width place and comfortable . furthermore we serve free hi-speed internet for customer 30 machinery In the occasion to welcome new year and big cut hair world center celebrate 1 year anniversary with the promosion to requite favor person through january 2008

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